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24-3003074 Hinge seal - kit of 2 pcs (212к)

Created on 30 November -0001. Posted in For passenger and commercial vehicles

Excellent resistance to ozone, weather conditions, high temperatures, oils and lubricants, very high strength of the rubber element, 31105-3414074 ...

Rubber sealing of television cable' junction box (1015)

Created on 30 November -0001. Posted in Other groups

Product characteristics: Excellent resistance to ozone, water, weather factors, high temperatures. Rubber seals are designed to seal the inlets of electrical insulated cables, metal hoses, corrugated or ...

Rotary Shaft Seal (R-WDR) AS 170х200х15 FKM DIN 3760 (7810)

Created on 30 November -0001. Posted in For buses and trolleybuses

170х200х15, 170*200*15, 170-200-15, oil-seal 12019084B Deutz-Fahr 215291100 JCB - J.C.Bamford 10/908884332/D3299 Same 21529177010, BAUMSLx7, BAVISLX7, fluoroelastomer FPM, Viton

Shaft seal AS 52x72x10 DIN 3760 FKM (7346Ф)

Created on 30 November -0001. Posted in For agricultural machinery and special equipment

52x72x10, 52*72*10, 52-72-10, FPM, FKM, Viton high-temperature, heat-resistant, heat-resistant, wear-resistant, fluoro rubber packing ...

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