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Global Availability of Products

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Purchasing and returns rules, compensations

Purchase at retail

Buyers ordering goods at retail can immediately proceed to the formation of an order by adding goods to the shopping cart. To place an order, it is not necessary to register in advance on the site - the first registration is done automatically, it will be enough only to fill in the corresponding fields in the basket. You can see shipping cost and terms of payment, available for the amount for which the order done, in the cart.

Acquisition of small wholesale

Organizations and private entrepreneurs which wish to purchase products for an amount exceeding 2500 UAH (without VAT) should:

  • Get an actual small-wholesale price-list by sending a request to the address This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., having enclosed in the letter registration certificates of the company and other requisites.
  • Make an order by codes KrPT-price-list in the format: code-quantity and to send it to the same above e-mail address.
  • To pay the invoice received in return answer. We work only by prepayment, regardless of the size of the contracting authority.
  • Send a copy of the power of attorney to receive the goods, specify the number of the "Nova Poshta" forwarder' branch (for Ukraine), provide other information necessary for the discharge of shipping documents.

Acquisition of large wholesale

Wholesalers discounts are offered depending on the purchased volumes. The dealer network is created with the aim of removing the load from the manufacturer's warehouse, reducing the number of direct customers, but in the same time - to increase sales of the enterprise's products. Therefore, the dealer purchases products by box-packings on conditions of FCA, creates own stock of the goods and sells them in smaller lots to shops, service stations or small wholesale buyers. To receive a substantial discount, a wholesale buyer is offered to purchase products for an amount that significantly exceeds the standard needs of autopart's shops or car service stations. The document "Wholesale discounts" where the wholesaler can independently choose the size of the discount and the size of the first batch is sent together with the small-wholesale price-list. Dealers form the order for the goods by filling in a special xls-file ("dealer-application") with current prices and available positions.

Export sales

The cost of products for export is calculated individually after dealing with a clear order. Prices on the website issued in foreign currency, therefore, are indicative. The cost is calculated, and the invoice (contract) is provided for payment within 1-2 working days. Ask for exact prices can be made by writting to the address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Product Returns and Cash Compensation

All questions relating to the return or replacement of the goods are governed by the Law of Ukraine "On Protection of Consumer Rights". The buyer has the right to return the purchased goods of good quality no later than 14 days after receiving it, provided that it has not been used and has retained its presentation, consumer properties, labels. The goods must be returned in the same way as it was received by the buyer from the seller. The refund of the money paid for the goods is made not later than 7 days from the date of return of the goods. The goods of inadequate quality at the buyer's choice: must be either replaced by the seller with a similar product of good quality, or paid for it must be returned in the shortest time.



List of international delivery companies we can easy work with:

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Картинки по запросу fedex



Technical information

Classification of shaft seals

Radial oil-seal with a pressing spring, working at pressure falls 0,05-0,15 MPa is the most widespread type of sealings of shafts thereof to relative simplicity and low cost, small sizes, sufficient sealing ability and an opportunity of maintenance in contact with many mediums. These oil-seal's properties are defined by a successful embodiment in a small-sized design of advantages of elastomeric sealing and spring which has stable in all a temperature range parameters and is not subject to a strain ageing.

The basic designs of oil-seals we offer are

Rubber covered case

Open metal case

Type without dust lip: Type without dust lip:
oil-seal-din3760-type-A-RED  oil-seal-din3760-type-B-RED
Type with a dust-lip Type with a dust-lip
oil-seal-din3760-type-AS-RED   oil-seal-din3760-type-BS-RED

The following additional designations are used:

 KL - calibrated case
RD - clockwise rotation
RS - counter clockwise
 SF - special design
 X7 - flutes on outer diameter

Application of Oil seals

  • Used in hydraulic rams and mixers, valves, brake devices, clean rooms, conveyers and test equipment
  • Used in constantly moving equipment like cylinders, rotating or reciprocating shafts and cylinders
  • Bearing isolators are used for pumps, motors and gear boxes
  • Used in vehicles, automotives, power generation, industrial engines and transmissions
  • Water pumps
  • Crankshaft front
  • Camshaft
  • Valve stem
  • Steering
  • Crankshaft rear
  • Gear box front
  • Transmission front
  • Selector shaft
  • Speedometer
  • Gear box rear / transmission rear
  • Propeller shaft
  • Pinion / differential
  • Rear hub inner/ rear wheel inner / rear axle inner
  • Rear hub outer / rear wheel outer

Standards and other documents relating to radial shaft seals

Document Title
ISO 6194/1-1982 Rotary shaft lip type seals - Nominal dimensions and tolerances
ISO 6194/2-1991 Rotary shaft lip type seals - Vocabulary
ISO 6194/3-1988 Rotary shaft lip type seals - Storage, handling and installation
ISO 6194/4-1988 Rotary shaft lip type seals - Performance test procedures
ISO 6194/5-1990 Rotary shaft lip type seals - Identification of visual imperfections
SAE J946-1989 Application Guide to Radial Lip Seals
RMA OS-4, 1984 Application Guide for Radial Lip Type Shaft Seals
RMA OS-7, 1982 Storage and Handling Guide for Radial Lip Type Shaft Seals
RMA OS-8, 1977 Visual Variations Guide for Rotating Shaft Seals
DIN 3760 Radial-Wellendichtringe (Radial shaft seals)
DIN 3761 Radial-Wellendichtringe fur Kraftfahrzeuge (Radial shaft seals for motor vehicles), Parts 1 to 15. This standard covers all aspects including vocabulary, material requirements and test methods.

Permissible speeds for spring-loaded seal lips where no pressure differential exists across seal in operation


Pricing policy


Ukraine, territorially located in a southeast part of the Central Europe, is related to those countries where high qualification level of workers combines with relatively low level of salaries. Power and raw materials also have smaller cost, than in West-European countries. At the same time, Ukraine makes airplanes and launch vehicles, ships and locomotives, lorries and autobuses, cars and motorcycles, computer and electronic equipment, precision instruments and agricultural machines, TV and wireless apparatuses, chemistry and textiles. Practically all parts of economy are presented in Ukraine.

Our factory is situated on industrial estate - in 7th kilometres from one of the leading industrial centers of the country - city of Kremenchug in which are manufacturing lorries and passenger cars,  wheel disks, road machines, railway vehicles, the electrotechnical equipment, chemicals and petroleum derivatives, carbon black, steel & die castings, tooling, concrete ties etc. The industrial baseline of the city's factories has allowed to bring together at our factory skilled technicians: chemists, technologists, engineers, designers, tool makers, etc.

WTO1Kremenchukgumotechnika offers to the buyers oil-seals cheaper than European prices, saving at the same time high level of quality and sufficient profitableness of production. But the main mistake that European customers are going to see exact China in Ukraine by prices. It is impossible, and customers should seek in Ukraine abilities others, not only "lowest prices in the world". Also, manufacturing principles are not equal.

A border of EU is now near Ukraine: from 2008 Poland entered Shengen zone. From 5th February 2008 Ukraine is a member of WTO. During next years Ukraine has good perspectives to be integrated in EU. It is also a nearest country to EU from CIS-side. So, in next years it can become a new industrial platform for Western Europe. Cooperating with Ukraine can open big CIS market because of quite no customs fee between Russia, Belarus and Ukraine for products manufactured inside CIS. Here you can find hundreds of differences between local and world prices for energy, labor, lands, industrial goods, raw materials etc. Ukraine - is a democratic country, not like some CIS countries, it is friendly to Europe, so this is the most safe way to enter CIS market through Ukraine. But cooperation is possible only when sides are ready to see partners in Ukrainian companies. Because of Ukraine also has big local and CIS market with growing economy.

More about the economy of Ukraine you can read on page of World Trade Organization (WTO):