New galvanic shop 2016

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Latest news 2016

New galvanic building
The construction of new production building was totally completed in 2015, which consisting of:
  • galvanic section;
  • storage area for acid and precursors, in accordance with MIA's regulations;
  • separate underground section with chemically resistant containers for storage of galvanic wastewater, with an aim to future exportation;
  • area of adhesives preparation and glue applying on metal inserts.
New phosphate line
In September 2015 new modern phosphate line was purchased.
Phosphating line is equipped with touch-screen PLC to control regimes of phosphate application process, that will affect in a positive way:
  • the adhesive bond strength;
  • the look of products;
  • the corrosion resistance of coating.
New chromium line
In January 2016 we received new chrome plating line with current rectifiers that will allow to achieve high quality chromium coating of the tooling.
Refusal of gas
In February 2016, both above lines will be commissioned as one galvanic complex. It is expected that operating costs and energy costs for heating of galvanic baths will drop by several times in comparison with steam heat from a gas boiler that was used before. Thus, will be fully executed Plan of Natural Gas refusal in our production, started in 2014.

On the third stage, in the first half of 2016, an existing phosphate line will be retrofitted by automatic manipulator, and line productivity will be increased almost twice. This will save energy and will avoid manual labor during line operation.
Zinc coating line
On the fourth phase, in 2017, we plan to purchase modern zinc coating line, which will significantly expand abilities of the company within our specialization in rubber-metal items.
New Bus
The enterprise, to deliver stuff to and from work, to replace the old vehicle, purchased "new" bus "MAN" of 100 passenger seats. The bus is equipped with automatic transmission shifting gears, powerful diesel engine, auto floor level, autonomous interrior heating system, comfortable lighting, etc.