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The factory was established in 1987. A form of ownership is private. Thirty years experience in production of oil-seals allowed the company to take leading position on local and CIS market and to become a supplier of components for assemble lines of largest machinery plants of Ukraine and their subcontractors.

Middle-size growing structure

Molding process

Personnel of the company is 70 people, manufacturing area - more then 5000 m2 on the territory of 2.5 hectare. Company is growing quickly, equipment is modernising, new facilities are building.

Main products 

Kremenchukgumotechnika specialize in production of rotary shaft seals with garter spring (oil-seals of rotating shafts). Main product group - rubber-metal bounded seals. But also company makes:

  • rubber parts for brake systems
  • silent-blocks
  • protective rubber boots
  • different rubber plugs
  • caps and grommets for cablesystems
  • water and gear pump seals
  • cardan shaft seals
  • rubber glands and gaskets
  • shock-absorber seals
  • vibration isolators or mounts
  • o-rings
  • other packing elements from special elastomers

Complete production of shaft seals

All processes of oil-seals fabrication, including making of tooling and metal parts, are concentrated inside the factory, that allows company:

  • to control the quality of products on all production phases,
  • considerably makes cheaper the cost price,
  • let quickly produce tooling for new products.

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Full service to customer

Our technical team can help you in design development and in material selection. Finished products will be manufactured precisely under your requirements specification.


Quality system ISO 9001:2015 certified no. UA 8O072.13956473.1-2017 confirmed 27/12/2017, valid till 26/12/2020.

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