Laboratory facilities include:

  • Laboratory size two roll mills for development of compounds
  • Hardness testers, IRHD (Wallace) and Shore A (ASTM D2240)
  • Monsanto Rheometer for cure testing of compounds (ASTM D2705)
  • Tensometer for measurement of tensile strength, tensile stress or modulus (ASTM D412) and elongation at break, tear strength (ASTM D624)
  • Compression set equipment (ASTM D395 - elevated, D1229 - low temperatures
  • Cell ageing ovens and laboratory general purpose ovens (ASTM D573)
  • Low temperature testing camera - freezer
  • Oil-seal rotation testing equipment for controlling operating time and leakproofness with PLC
  • Equipment for the control of seal's cross-section
  • Equipment for determination of bond strength of rubber with metal on brake-off, peel test (ASTM D413, ASTM D429)
  • Equipment for measuring of spring's parameters
  • Equipment for controlling of an axial force of springs
  • Device for determination of pressure of working ridge with a spring on the shaft
  • Solvent and oil resistance can also be measured using a range of test fluids, oil aging in test tube (ASTM D471)

rubber laboratory



ISO 9001:2015 certified (UkrSEPRO certificate no. UA 8.0072.13956473.1-2017, confirmed 27/12/2017, valid till 26/12/2020).