Manufacturer code: KrRT-795

Rotary Shaft Seal AS 110х135х12 FKM DIN 3760

Crankshaft oil seal rear of engine MMZ D 245.30
Oil seal of the hubs of the front and rear wheels of KrAZ
Shaft seal of the reducer of the back bridge K-700 tractor
110x135x12, 110*135*12, 110-135-12, 110x135x12
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Manufacturer: Kremenchukgumotechnika
Size, mm: 110х135х12
d (shaft): 110
D (bore): 135
h (height): 12
Shaft rotation: reverse (without hydrodynamic helixes)
Construction: metal case fully rubberred
Working edge type mechanically trimmed
Dust protection: with dustlip
Design code: BAVISLX7
Material: Fluoroelastomer (FPM)
Color: red
Rubber type acc. to standard: 5 (FPM-26, -30° ... +170°C, max +230°C)
Better analogue of shaft seal: 2.2-110х135-5
Recommended to use instead of: 2.1-110х135-4 и 2.2-110х135-4
More catalogue numbers: 260-1002305
Use: двигун | двигатель ММЗ Д 245.30 | engine MMZ D 245.30 | Motor MMZ D 245.30
Install place/application: Манжета коленвала задняя | Манжета колінвалу задня | Crankshaft Seal Rear | Kurbelwellendichtring hinten
Q-ty for automobile: 1
More catalogue numbers: 260-3124011-А2
Use: КрАЗ | KrAZ
Install place/application: Сальник ступиц передних и задних колес | Сальник ступиці передніх і задніх коліс | Front and rear wheel hub oil seal | Vorder- und Hinterradnabenöldichtung
Q-ty for automobile: 4
More catalogue numbers: 2.1-110х135-4
Use: трактор К-700 | tractor K-700
Install place/application: Сальник редуктора заднего моста | Сальник редуктору заднього мосту | Rear axle gear oil seal | Wellendichtring für Hinterachsgetriebe
Q-ty for automobile: 1
More catalogue numbers: 307267-ПБ | 307267-PB
Use: ЗИЛ-5301 | ZIL-5301
Manufacture article: Tooltip КрРТ-795 | KrRT-795